Passover Sriracha & Srirachanaise

Add some spice to your life with MIKEE’s Passover Sriracha.

Passover BBQ Sauces

Need to add some kick to your barbecue? MIKEE has the sauce you need.

Passover Candied Chicken Sauce

We have captured the ancient taste of Chinatown in our Passover Candied Chicken Sauces.

Passover Pasta Sauces

Give your pasta that Italian zing with MIKEE Passover pasta sauces.

Passover Salsa

Try some authentic MIKEE salsa for Passover.

Passover Dressings

New MIKEE Passover dressings, perfect for any salad.

Passover Hot Sauce

Give you food some extra heat with MIKEE’s Passover hot sauces.

Passover Brisket Sauces

Add unique flavor to your brisket with MIKEE’s Passover brisket sauce.

Passover Stuffed Cabbage Sauce

Just the sauce you need. MIKEE’s Passover Stuffed Cabbage sauce.

Passover Asian Sauces

Authentic asian flavor with MIKEE’s Passover sauces.

Passover Soy Sauce

Need a Kosher for Passover Soy Sauce. Look no further.

Passover Cranberry Sauces

A real twist on Cranberry sauce with MIKEE’s Passover flavored Cranberry sauce.¬†

Passover Duck Sauces

MIKEE’S Passover Duck sauces will satisfy your asian cravings.